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Re: Aikido and Samurai: a few questions

Charles Hill wrote:
Whoops. You`re right. However, Mr. Hooker seems to have taken the idea of "true" to mean that M. Ueshiba meant the idea to be a comparision between Aikido and other forms of budo. Other posts have used the word "ideal" and have also indicated the idea that Mr. Hooker expressed. I wanted to ask about that.

Charles Hill
Ah, OK - most of the times when Ueshiba uses that kind of phrasing he seems to be referring to "true budo" as a kind of platonic ideal that Aikido adheres to - he says nothing that I can recall as to whether or not other martial arts do or do not adhere to that ideal (he did, however, say that Sokaku Takeda was the person who "opened his eyes" to "true budo"). After all, if you say that someone is a "true friend" does that statement imply that other people are not "true friends"?

I do believe that he thought that his method of Aikido as misogi through budo was something new and different, but that is not necessarily relevent to the concept of "true budo".



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