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Charles Hill
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Re: Article: True Self Defense by George S. Ledyard


Thanks for your comments. Please keep in mind that this is just something I have been working on and is in no way any finalized thought I have. That`s why I really appreciate your and Hagen`s posts.

1. The uke was not injured, and I don`t remember if the movement was unexpected.
2. I don`t think there was anything really wrong with the excess force. What I noticed was that it was unnecessary. The obvious excess led me to think about it but my idea is the same whether the force applied is a little more than necessary or a lot. I`m not talking about training hard, I`m thinking about degrees of difference.
3. It started me thinking as to why he (or any of us) applied/applies excess force. Wendy Palmer (Tamalpais Aikido) has talked about "contentless throws." This really struck me as profound. My thought (for now at least) is that any excess force signals that there is something in me that is not congruent.
4. I agree with your idea of discomfort being important to development but only in terms of receiving it. Without some kind of agreement with my partner, I think it can be psychologically self-destructive to apply discomfort.
5. As per the request in your post, I offered the idea as a kind of "practice" and not necessarily an integral part of Aikido practice.
6. My meaning of "more than" is completely mechanical in terms of technique. I`m literally thinking pounds of pressure.

Charles Hill
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