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Re: uncooperative, overbearing....

I've accepted the fact that this guy probably won't change, and its not my job to try and change him (that's his girlfriend's problem)...
HA! I know this is an old thread, but this comment was funny!

I had an alcoholic brother-in-law who found a cartoon in the New Yorker mag one day. In the picture was a girl with her vampire boyfriend standing on the front porch of her parents house with the parents in the doorway looking shocked. The caption read: "I know... but I can CHANGE him!" My alcoholic bro-in-law laughed and laughed, showed this to my sister and said :"See? That's YOU!"

He died years later due to complications from his addiction.

Anyhow, moral of the story: You can't change anybody. No one can. You can try to influnce someone, but you'll never change them. They have to do the changing themselves. In other words, Mr. Thomson's attitude change on his own was the best move.

Mike! You still out there? How's aikido still going for ya??

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