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Dajo251 wrote:
First and formost I would like to say that I have been doing aikido for two years. I recently visited a friend of mines kempo school I did not participate in their class but after my friend and I worked out for a while(he also has done aikido). I came to the realization that neither of us had been taught any techniques to defend from kicks. I am looking for a quick answer to 2 main questions...
1. I am sure there are techniques to defend kicks but in the 2 dojos I have trained at neither of them taught these techniques. Why is this?(this I guess is a question directed more twords the instructers)
2.How effective would these techniques realy be against some one who truely knows how to kick?

I thank you all who are putting imput into this
Dan Hulley
There are a whole host of kick defense techniques contained within Aikido. Most are designed to deal with the standard high kicks that show up in many martial arts.

I was lucky to host James Garrison Sensei, Hapkido Eighth Dan, a number of years ago. He was in agreement with me that in combat no one kicks higher than the knees or groin, anything else is too risky. Most of the standard kick defenses don't work well against the low kicks (which is why people kick low). Garrison Sensei maintained that the only real kick defense was to move decisively into the attacker's center and jam the kick. I agree. It is almost impossible to throw a kick when the opponent moves in like this. Then the actual technique becomes a hand technique, either striking, locking, or throwing (or all).

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