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Re: How to get past the stress response?

Hi all

I found that adrenaline gave me the edge in the fights that I have had. Now I am a non vilent person I have allways been quite friendly and out going yet during my schooling and late teens I was the local punchbag because I had a reputation for not hitting back. However I was never jumped on I always had fore warning of the attack or my sixth sense kicked in. The surge in adrenalin from fear actually made my body harder and there was no pain from the punching and kicking that I would get. I still to this day walk away from violent situations but I have developed confidence and this alone seems to deter any would be attacker. But I am heading towards old age and vunerability if the world and it's violent nature continue the way it is so hopefully I will be able to use aikido to protect my self.

Regards Andrew
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