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Jappzz wrote:

BuDO as opposed to jutsu or bugei arts is called budo for it's spiritual content. The essence of budo is that the initial attacker should always be defeated. Budo was NOT created so that macho bullies could try their ego's against eachother. I detest this americanized tomiki bull and i can only hope that some day people will stop defining budo as something anywhere near a sport. I have full respect though for people doing bugei arts as a part of the japanese cultural heritage but then they don't define their arts as budo either.
Feel free to shower me whith blunt comments if you like, but my oppinion stays where it is. Life is no contest.


I don't really see the point of this post - if you have already made your mind up why bother joining in - I think everyone else is here to discuss things with an open mind and not rant.

I do not understand where you are comming from with the phrase
'americanised tomiki bull'. Not only is it disrespectful to Professor Tomiki and to a lot of people here but also is untrue.

Tomiki aikido is Japanese, thrives in Japan and has a worldwide network of affiliated dojos all practising tomiki aikido in exactly the same way so you cannot say it is americanised.

If you do not like a style then say so but try not to be so offensive.

How is your spiritual developement by the way.........?
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