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Re: Standards in testing

The testing requirements in our dojo are progressive. Starting with Go Kyu up to Sho Dan, each rank requires to take the test of the previous rank. This way we are sure they are not just studying for the next test but keeping up with all techniques, applications, and other areas we focus on in each rank. There is no testing scheduled dates, this is completely up to our Chief Instructor and his evaluation of your progress. Each ranks tests are broken up over several classes and all ranks having a self defense test for the final test showing they have the concepts for that rank and ability to apply the techniques learned for the rank. Each ranks self defense test is increasingly harder with more attacks to defend against, multiple attackers, and weapons self defense. The standards in our dojo for testing have remained as long as the oldest student can remember. Each ranks technique and application test is based on rank, a Sho Dan must show complete knowledge of all the techniques, a Go Kyu, on the other hand, must show they under stand the concepts and know the techniques well but not to the level of a Sho Dan. A Yon Kyu must show they have more understanding of the techniques and applications they learned as a Go Kyu, and an basic understanding of the techniques of that rank. This continues up all our ranks.

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