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I Concurr

Jim23 wrote:
Hi Kenn,

I was just giving my opinion on what I considered poor technique that I observed at a few aikido classes.

No strength, speed or power (I know, they are not necessary). I don't want anyone to fool themselves that something might be effective when, in effect, it might not be in the real world.

To jump in here and lend support to this fellow... In general I agree. Most Aikido people of my acquaintance can't strike worth a damn. they talk about the subject being open for an atemi at certain points but don't have an atemi that would do anything other than make one mad.

This observation my be due to the fact that I teach out on the West Coast where there is much more of a New Age flavor the the practice than what I was used to back East. Saotome Sensei has commented to me about the difference as well.

Anyway, if you went to 90% of the dojos in my Seattle area you would find this gentlemen's opinion about atemi to be true.

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