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I agree with the writer above. I've been doing aikido for 10 years and it seems 2 general types of people are attracted to it - those who are regular people wanting to learn, and those with "issues" that they end up bringing on the mat.
For instance, they may somehow feel "powerless" at home or work or in a relationship, so they come to aikido hoping to somehow learn to be "strong" but end up transferring agression onto someone on the mat because they can't get up the nerve to tell the person at home or work who's really causing their stress.
Other people have problems trusting, and therefore don't make good ukes unless they change. Some are trying to find an ideal - they have an internal image of being a warrior, or being perfect.
Your nage may be experiencing some of these issues - so his response actually may not have that much to do with you specifically.

May the force be with you!
"Be the change you want to see."
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