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Re: Daito ryu and you.....

I have trained in both Aikido and Daito Ryu for many years. Our shihan during this time, Jose Garrido, showed us DTR in a different way showing how the Aiki techniques were adopted from DTR. It made the learning much easier to see how a shoulder throw in Aikido by entering and attacking became a DTR technique and honestly a very power throw, not that the Aiki version is light in any way. The comparison we had was Aikido was bend and break if needed, DTR was bend, break and kill, with many of the techniques ending in litterally killing the attacker several times over, just to be sure that if the first few were done wrong one of them would.

I have just one test for my Sho Dan in DTR but currently I am working on my Aikido and teaching, DTR did help to improve my technique a great deal and showed the importance of entering.
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