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Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any site with video of randori, but I can explain a tad in-depth.

Jim23 wrote:
I read somewhere that it isn't really "true" sparring. Is there a web site where I can see what it's like?
Just curious to see which techniques are included/excluded and what it generally looks like.
You're absolutely right. I haven't heard of any forms besides tanto-randori, and saw a tiny bit at a seminar once. Basically, one participant gets a tanto, the other doesn't. The "uke" tries to stab "nage," scoring points for each hit. However, the attack must directly stab the torso- no slashing, and glancing blows are disregarded. "Nage," meanwhile, attempts to perform techniques while trying not to get stabbed, and is awarded points for breaking balance, and more for an actual throw. However, techniques that have a very high potential for causing injury are not allowed. After three minutes, uke and nage switch off, and whoever has more points wins.

There are too many limitations for tanto-randori to be considered "true" sparring. As my sensei told me, "Tanto randori is a game; it has rules."

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