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Re: Why do teachers stop learning?

this was/is a concern of mine also. I think part of the issue has to do with in many dojo's, the head instructor may may not have the expertise. Although there are many very good nidans and shodans, they may not have the experience yet to coach that student who is ready for something extra. I don't mean this as a negative. People can only teach what they know and we are all learning. But that's where having access to Shihans is extremely helpful. A good Shihan is able to give you just that little nugget, that not only gives you something to work on during the course of your training but keeps you motivated.
I really do agree with the point that some instructors become intimidated. If the student feels that is the case, then probably the best thing to do is find an instructor who is not intimidated. In some cases the difference in ability between some nikkyu's and nidans is very small. So it is understandable that the nikkyu may not be developing at a rate he or she is capable of. So as Bruce said, the teacher needs to DO. If instructors only look to instruct, it will eventually lead to stagnation and it's repercussions in the dojo.
I feel extremely fortunate to live in area where I have access to many great Shihan. My main concern now is gas money:-)
Ledyard Sensei, your post reminded me of the Michael Jordan commercial where they said he took the last shot so many times and failed. That's why he is great now. Obviously he wasn't afraid to fail or struggle. It eventually made him that much stronger.
Good post DaveO.
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