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Re: Why do teachers stop learning?

Hi Bruce, I agree on that in some matters. but, I disagree in some non-related cause. 1st of all "not all teachers" I myself being a teacher. all I wanted is to learn more. so that, I could share my knowledge and belief in my community and to my students. 2nd, maybe you've been experienced to some teachers a not so good. or, shoul I say, "dont want to grow"... you know, you dont have to judge is you to accept those teaching method . I, once have experinced a teacher like that. to old, and to tired to gain.he stuck to what he learned from the past. we accept those attitude and belief because his only human being like us, have a right to do what he learned from his teachers...for me let him be..don't judge him, do it the other way, find the solution by your self look around. maybe by in other dojo or other school you will find thats fits to your least you will not stuck and get older like he did..

Have a Nice day and start looking
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