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Re: Aikido and Samurai: a few questions

So my new question is, to what degree of contact with the past is necessary for Aikido to claim a link to the samurai, if not Aikido then can any thing? Of course Osensei was not Samurai, but He was in the since of Pursuit of Perfection in Aiki. Samurai is not merely a title at this point in History, it is a Legacy, A Phoenix if you will, a MODE of being that has many expressions. But the idea of being a Servant to the universe is where we stand now, after Ueshiba. Can i claim to be a soldier if i am not in the army?NO. can i claim to carry the mantel of a solder?YES I Can. Obviously none of us live the life of the Ancient Samurai, but I do Live the Best Ideals that i can from all genres of the past, does that make me Samurai, i will let the universe decide that. As for the past will any one every really know the truth that is not in front of them or the universe if they do not know their own body?

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