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Re: Aikido and Samurai: a few questions

Hi Dave,

Here are some other books you can look up if you got more time -- they will definitely give you a grounding concerning the debate going on. They are all kind of basic material books. I separated them into your breakdowns but of course they can be moved around a bit:

(Note: Some books I had in my library, some I had to remember off of the top of my head -- you should be able to find these things with your university librarian helping you. I'm not that far off on any of them I would think.)

1. What was Bushido as the Samurai knew it?

See the following:

by Neil McMullin: "Oda Nobunaga and the Buddhist Institutions", and "Buddhism and the State in Sixteenth-Century Japan"

by Karl Friday: "Hired Swords -- The Rise of Private Warrior Power in Early Japan", and "Legacies of the Sword"

by Jeffrey Mass: "The Bakufu in Japanese History", and "Antiquity and Anachronism in Japanese History"

by Eiko Ikegami: "The Taming of the Samurai -- Honorific Individualism and the Making of Modern Japan"

by Allan Grapard: "The Protocol of the Gods" (this book lets you understand how the aristocrats saw Japan -- politics, religion, and culture, etc.)

by Herman Ooms: "Tokugawa Ideology"

by George Sansom: any of his cultural histories -- particularly the one in three volumes "A History of Japan". While today these works are considered to be outdated, they will get your foot in the door concerning the debates and disagreements taking place in the latest research.

2. How did this code change over time?

See the following:

by James Ketelaar: "Of Heretics and Martyrs in Meiji Japan"

by Helen Hardacre: "Shinto and the State: 1868-1988"

by Donald Keene: "The Japanese Discovery of Europe, 1720-1830"

by Stefan Tanaka: "Japan's Orient: Rendering Pasts into History"

by Naoki Sakai: "Voice of the Past: The Status of Language in Eighteenth-Century Japanese Discourse"

by Allan Grapard: (I think its in the History of Religions Journal -- or maybe -- Japanese Journal of Religious Studies) "Japan's Ignored Cultural Revolution: The Separation of Shinto and Buddhist Divinities (trans. "shinbutsu bunri") in Meiji"

3. What is the application of Budo to our modern lives?

See the following:

(for common points of reference you might want to read)

by Takuan Soho: "The Unfettered Mind"

by Musashi Miyamoto: "The Book of Five Rings"

by Yamamoto Tsunetomo: "The Hagakure"

by Inazo Nitobe: "Bushido"

by Yagyu Munenori: (I think it's called something like) "The Sword and Mind"

(the next one is a must read)

by Confucius (Kung Tzu): "The Analects"

(here's a good survey book)

by Daigan Matsunaga: "Foundation of Japanese Buddhism: Vol. 1 and 2"

(a good entry book to Zen for Westerners)

by Thomas Merton: "Zen and the Birds of Appetite"

by Morihei Ueshiba (Osensei): Read everything you can get your hands on while remaining cautious about the translations.

Also read any original texts by renowned Zen masters (as opposed to folks writing about said masters). Some favorites of mine are Ikkyu, Dogen, and Ryokan. Some modern masters to look into are Sawaki and Suzuki. If you want to get into China -- oh boy! Great Ch'an masters abound! Go for it.

Well, hope that helps in a sort of general way. Good luck.

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