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Re: Aikido and Samurai: a few questions

Hi Everyone,
First, let me thank everyone who offered up some possible readings for me to consider and add to my "Budo Library." This has become a very interesting thread for me, especially as a relative newbie, with much to think about and digest. I think in my reading I will focus on three questions to start with:
1. What was Bushido as the Samurai knew it?
2. How did this code change over time?
3. What is the application of Budo to our modern lives? (this one interests me the most)

The Books that have been suggested include the following:
Noel : The Changing nature of Bushido by Don Draeger
He also suggested looking at Koryu Books
Don J Modesto: Antiquity and Anarchromism in Japanese History by Jeffrey Mass
as well as 3 books by Karl Friday, including : Bushido or Bull? A Medieval Historian's Perspective on the Imperial Army and the Warrior Tradition, The Historical Foundations of Bushido, and Hired Swords: The Rise of Private Warrior Power in Early Japan.
Also Harold Bolitho, "The Myth of the Samurai" in Japan's Impact on the World and The Culture of Force and Farce: 14th Cent. Japanese Warfare by Thomas Conlan
Mark Dobro suggests Cartographies of Desire: Male to Male Sexuality in Japanese Discourse 1600-1950 by Jeffrey Plugfelder
George Marx suggests Secrets of the Samurai- The Martial Arts of Feudal Japan by Ratti and Westbrook
Finally, George Ledyard suggests books in general by Don Draeger, "Both Skoss's" Dave Lowry, Ellis Amdur, Karl Friday, Serge Mol, and Stan Pranin.
Again, thanks for the suggestions.
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