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Re: Aikido and Samurai: a few questions

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Hi all,

See, the problem is that there are many books like the one quoted above...written by a couple of shodan, years ago, before much accurate information was out. If you search on the web for reviews by people familiar with japanese history, you'll find that book does not get good reviews for accuracy. Great pictures...but filled with misconceptions. That kind of research will lead you astray on this topic.

For what its worth,
Unfortuantely much that was written early on during the development of Aikido about Japanese martial arts and culture was really just popularization but but not reliable at all. These days there is much better stuff around.

Don Dreager, both Skoss's, Dave Lowry, Ellis Amdur, Dr. Karl Friday, Serge Mol, and Stan Pranin would be authors you could count on for better info. Just remember that they debate many issues with each other so nothing is written in stone.

See Koryu Books
This is a place where you can get great books that are top notch and reviews of many other books that they might not carry. I always check this site before I buy a new book onthe subject to see what they think of it.

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