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Re: Aikido and Samurai: a few questions

I got 2 entries on David's list!

Some people may wonder why I have chosen to make mention of the contorversial fact that the Samurai, and other Japanese were non-specific about sexuality, where men had loving sexual relationships with other men, not just women. Remember also that some women were Samurai too having relationships with men and women too!

Well, wouldn't you believe it, they were human! Some of them loved the opposite sex and some loved the same sex, and some both! People romance about the Samurai and have this macho image, but they were people, just like you and I, and I think people should realise that.

I am all for shattering the almighty image of the Samurai for what they really were. Some good, some bad, some gay, some straight, some honest, some dishonest, some brave, some cowards, some skilled, some unskilled,....... Just like your slice of any society.

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