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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Aikido and Samurai: a few questions

Hi David,

Lets take a look at that first reply:

I am definitely not a qaualified expert to credit or discredit Japanese history,
First a disclaimer.

but I do know for a fact that Aikido and the Samurai are not directly related.
Now a pretty strong statement...that is actually true. The two are not DIRECTLY related. Daito ryu might certainly have been practiced by 'samurai' (or someone in the bushi class), but aikido certainly wasn't. The class had been abolished by that time. Since the techniques of aikido come from Daito ryu, there could certainly be an INDIRECT relationship. As the poster goes on to say...

Aikido was created after feudal Japan. It is a realtively new martial art. I doubt any true Samurai learned Aikido. And besides, Samurai fought for their lives, not spiritual enlightenment
Now here in the last sentance, is something people could quibble with, since (as you say) how would we know WHAT they fought for, since we can't interview them. But the poster is not saying any of the statements that you had in your post. Not one of them. Read them carefully, then read his post, and you will see that. I have to say that your items strike me as an exageration of the various positions here, especially if you look at the posts by Don Modesto, Peter Goldsburry, George Ledyard, and a few others (hopefully myself thrown in there too).


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