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Exclamation Re: Aikido and Samurai: a few questions

Just a suggestion on how you can research your own answer. I am reading a book called "Secrets of the Samurai- The Martial Arts of Fuedal Japan" by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook. They also wrote "Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere".

It is lengthy (almost 500 pages). It is divided into 3 sections.

Part I is a study on the class structure of fuedal Japan (long and really more than I really needed to know).

Part II is about the different martial arts used in fuedal Japan including those used by people other than the Samurai. It includes armed and unarmed arts and shows links between them and modern arts, including Aikijutsu to Aikido, in solid scholarly way.

Part III (I have not read this section yet) is about the philisophical aspects such as the difference between Budo arts, such as Aikido, and Bujutsu arts.

I think you will find most of your answers in the book.

Good Luck!
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