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Re: Aikido and Samurai: a few questions

Hi Ron,

None? Really? Humbly, I still hold they are there - even starting with the very first reply. Granted I did not draw a line between serious and non-serious posts or anything akin to that since I was merely trying to show how Mr. Peling was indeed right for first issuing his post and for issuing it in the manner that he did. That is to say that there is indeed a lot of assumed bits and pieces that folks do indeed use to separate Aikido from its feudal roots while at the same time denoucing those roots. I was also suggesting that these "bit and pieces," which I did not feel it necessary to attribute to any one personality (hence why I did not directly cite anyone), since they do indeed seem to relate to a general consensus on this web site, are not historically accurate.

But maybe I just made things more confusing. Apologies.

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