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Re: Contributing Member Subscriptions

Hi folks,

So far, it looks like there's only been a very small number of folks who have signed up to be a Contributing Member.

So, in hopes of making the offer a bit more enticing, I've decided to drop the price of an annual membership to $9.95! That's less than one dollar a month or less than 3 cents a day!

Please don't forget that by becoming a Contributing Member, not only are you receiving the benefits outlined in the first post of this thread but that you are helping support this website. Not to sound like an NPR pledge drive announcer, but your contributions will help keep running these Forums, the AikiWeb Dojo Search Engine, the reviews, the image gallery, news, the columns, and everything else you see here on this site. Also, I am hoping for some hardware upgrades in the near future to help speed things up...

(For folks who have already contributed, I have extended your "subscription" by six months...)

Thank you, everyone, for your consideration.

-- Jun

Please help support AikiWeb -- become an AikiWeb Contributing Member!
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