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Re: Poll: Should an aikido instructor date a student of theirs?

Relationships between dojo members have similar possible consequences as those between students and senseis. But, as I said before, the people involved in each individual situation have to weigh the risks carefully and make their own decisions.

Also as I said before, it is important to separate behavior and expectations WITHIN the dojo from those in the outside world. In the dojo, senseis and senior students have a responsibility to newer students to be role models and teachers and function within the traditions of dojo behavior. However, outside of the dojo we are all just people. A yondan might be interested in a 5th kyu or vice versa and it might be the 5th kyu who is the older or more mature. So please, don't impose "restrictions" on people - just remember that your friendship or relationship should stay as separate as possible from your AIKIDO relationship.

This means that you have to get to know someone outside of the aikido world. I think before anyone considers starting a relationship within the dojo community they should spend time together doing things entirely unrelated to aikido. This is just one of many ways to decrease the chances of an uncomfortable situation for the individuals and the dojo community.


Gaia Marrs
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