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Re: Poll: In your opinion, what ratio of "martial" and "art" is aikido?

Ian Rogers wrote:
Dear All

Yes, the question is a bit meaningless, like getting a can of red paint and asking "What percentage is red and what percentage is paint?"

Best wishes
I have never voted in any aikido forum and I do not propose to start now.

However, Ian, I have a question.

Where do you practise in Nottingham? I myself was born in Radcliffe and recently saw that there was aikido in Bingham Sport Centre. When I lived in Radcliffe, before coming to Japan, the only aikido taught was in Leicester.

Since this post is totally off-topic, please feel free to PM or e-mail me. I come back to Nottingham regularly, since my family once lived in Radclife (they now live in Stathern). So I would welcome the chance to train locally when I am home.

Best regards,

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