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Re: honorary dan ranking

If your Sensei (or better yet the Doshu) showed up one day with belts, hakamas and (insert dan rank here) certificates for everyone, do you REALLY think anyone's Aikido would change, just like that? I hate to answer my own question, but of course not! So, who cares what rank the other person has?

You would all go back to doing what you all have done up until this point; train. My irimi-nage would still suck, her tenchi-nage would still be awesome, etc, etc. As the years and ranks went by, I hope my irimi-nage would suck less but that is not why I continue to train. I train because I enjoy it. See the "Too Many Aiki-Fruities?" thread for some real "You call THAT Aikido?" lines. Classic.

Yes, rank has is it's place, and to a CERTAIN degree it is important. But only your rank should concern you and no-one else, and vice-versa.
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