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dan guthrie
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Re: How is aikido related to your spiritual path?

I wonder how much of our spiritual progress is weighted by our shared personality traits. I am often amazed at the similarity of the people in my dojo. Aikido isn't for everyone, it may be "our thing" attracts the personality type that yearns for spiritual order, subtlety and compassion (among many other things, obviously).
It might just be that we're a bunch of Labrador Retrievers and Aikido is our lake. I hope this makes sense.
I'm a white-bread and mayonnaise Christian but even I have noticed an increase in my gratitude to Him as well as the people in my dojo. I take my personal misogi very seriously. Even though it's out of my way by about 50 minutes, I go home to shower, shave and brush my teeth before training. I call it misogi, it's not just good manners.
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