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Re: Poll: Should an aikido instructor date a student of theirs?

Actually, The whole idea of the evolution of human understanding is that certain of these 'principles, ethics and spiritual beliefs' are, in fact 'Cast In Stone'. The symbol of the monolith, that rock in the Muslim religion. Or the stone tablets in Judeo/Christian faith

The story of the the ten commandments, in fact, illustrates that very notion; that certain of men's moral imperatives are not open to discussion or interpretation. "Thou shall not steal." is carved in stone.

Oh, and that other one about adultery? Well, maybe we can mess around with the interpretations of that, for Sensei.

To a large extent George is correct in that most serious teachers are all about their dojos and have a limited amount of time to 'cruise for chicks'. So be it. And there are a lot of really fine men and women out there who have found loving, lasting soul-mates on the mat. Really, I think this thread was Jun's subtle attempt at having the community address the issue of abuse of authority situations, because there are simply too many success stories for Sensei/Student dating to be perceived as a sanctionable problem.

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