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Ai symbol Re: Re: Competition is Necessary

Jim23 wrote:
Are you guys (Tomiki aikidoka) disliked by other styles?
Jim23 [/b]
I have yet to actually meet someone, in person, who practices a style other than Tomiki (I live in a town with approx. 20,000 occupants, surrounded by others of about the same size). However, here on aikiweb, on e-budo, and from the aikido journal forums, from the remarks I have read from other stylists regarding this issue, I would have to say that they fit one of three categories.

In the first, they don't care that we compete. Whether they think "To each his own," or "Whatever floats your boat," or that our style is just as valid as theirs, they let us do our thing while they do theirs.

In the second category, competition is looked down upon, and the other stylist dislikes the fact that other people of this art compete, but believe that this is in no way mars our character or our skill as a martial artist. The fact that we compete is not accepted, but grudgingly tolerated, since we practice aikido too.

In the third and final category, we are almost viewed as heretics, or just plain stupid. These individuals are either very hard core traditionalists, see O'Sensei's word as law, or view aikido as a quasi-religion, and the founder it's prophet. They rationalize, simply, that since the founder said there shouldn't be any competition, that there shouldn't be any competion, period. End of story. Anyone doing differently is in the wrong.

To summarize, I would have to say that some people dislike the fact that we compete to different degrees, while others simply don't care.

But, hey. To each his own. The fact that they disagree with me isn't hindering my ability to train, and since this is a matter of opinion, theirs is just as valid as mine.
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