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Jeffrey A. Fong
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Re: Poll: Should an aikido instructor date a student of theirs?

One of the things that I appreciate most about this forum is the breadth of discussion - and here it is, in all its glory! Folks, this is not about whether aididoka have the right to have relationships or whether sensei are "just folk"; to conceptualize the issue in these terms distorts the issue. And once again, the problem is not whether the dojo's "Godhead" is entitled to scratch an itch, its whether this sort of indulgence should occur within the context of a professional relationship. That's what it is, isn't it. As your student, I pay you, I respect you, I bow to you, I trust you....etc. Right? Additionally, it is because we are all "human" that we have to make sure we ritualistically observe certain rules during the course of interactions, because it is so human to err. Ethics are not meant to be convenient. They represent the core of character, individually and socially. While it may be politically incorrect to advise one to be dogmatic in such circumstances, one runs the risk of the sort of relativism that is being offered by some that clarifies nothing and helps no one. Ouch.... I think I just had a stroke
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