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Re: Unofficial Aikido forum FAQ (rated R for immature)

kenkid wrote:
Why is the sword wooden?
We find it matches the heads of people like you.

Is there any way to get my black belt faster?
Two words: Time Machine.
Q: What is Ki?
A: What isnt Ki?

Q: How do we do this technique?
A: The way it was just shown to you

Q: Is that the Sensei?
A: No, its our cyborg mutant alien overlord! HAIL QUERZLCKH!

Q: Why do you call your staff Jo?
A: The same reason we call you "dumbarse"

I've been asked all these questions, or heard them asked to people in my dojo. *Sigh* some people...

BadgerBadgerBadgerBadgerBadgerBadgerBadger Badger
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