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Re: Competition is Necessary

jimvance wrote:

A lot of people read what O-Sensei said but forget who he was as a person. He was intensely competitive in some respects. I really think that what O-Sensei meant was that to really use the principle of Aiki, the person using it never competes. They always cooperate (look that one up), and somehow use the attacker against himself. After the Second World War, he could not go back to teaching the same style of Aikido he did while Occupational Troops were watching all aspects of Japanese budo and bujutsu for signs of "military" behavior.

Jim Vance

You're starting to make too much sense to me.

Regarding O'Sensi, is that really the reason that he eliminated competition (besides his conversion)?

Are you guys (Tomiki aikidoka) disliked by other styles? This seems to be one of the few threads whehe you aren't "attacked" for saying that you agree with randori.


Remember, all generalizations are false
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