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Re: How is aikido related to your spiritual path?

One of the concepts that i'm greatly found of in buddhism, is the idea of the boddhisatva. The buddha that returns after each life to help others reach nirvana. I met a nichiren monk and some people this summer at a local temple who really opened my eyes to alot of things.

O sensei said that the aim of aikido is to create heaven on earth. That's something i really believe in. The concept of dealing with situations rather than escalating them is something we need to see more of in the world.

I guess if you were to really classify me in any given religion you would have to say i'm a"Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Shinto, Jew" I take so many of my ideas from different religions that i love.

those religions are what i am. But for me, aikido is the ultimate expression of my faith. It's how i practice all those different things. I've always told myself that when / if i reach the age of 40, i'll settle down at a temple and become a monk. I've often thought of teaching an "aiki-buddhism" of sorts. A cool concept i've always liked (shao lin monks express chan buddhism with their kung fu, I want to express mine with aikido) is the idea of the "aiki-monk" which i hope to be some day, and completely devote myself to teaching and understanding myself, god, and others.

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