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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Thanks Ron for the info. Our style was a mix of karate, aikido and judo. A lot of hard blocks, then hip throws, elbow locks etc. A friend of mine studies at a jujitsu school that is more like boxing and grappling. It seems like a lot of people think all jujitsu is like this.

Thomas, I see your point, I just wanted to give a little info on the different styles of jujitsu so people don't think it's all grappling.

As far as the weapons go, we trained to defend against them almost from the first day of class. The attacks were simple though, like a strike to the head with a stick, or a knife stab to your stomach. I like the attack training with a stick or knife. You can do simple attacks with white belts to, and progressively work up to faster attacks, then multiple attackers with different weapons.

When I trained at an Aikikai dojo, the instructor would attack us with a jo. We would have to move off the line really fast, or you would get a bruised arm.
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