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Re: Time to Train with Arrival of New Baby

I agree with everyone here. If you wait until the right time to start Aikido, you may never get there. We have a 3 months old, and he is the cutest thing on this planet! I used to train 3 + times a week but have cut back to 2 times a week, which is fine. My wife supports my aikido activities and says she has noticed a change in me since I started (5 years ago). Through Aikido I have learned to be more patient with others as with myself. That is extremely important with Aikido and babies. You can learn so much in Aikido that you can pass long to your children like passion, spirit, and as I said patience, so get started now. You can practice aikido with your baby now. Try extending Ki with your baby. You'll find they can do it much better than you. Enjoy!

Victims, aren't we all.
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