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Re: How to get past the stress response?

Well, I have Bungee jumped and such... Yes it's a rush.... BUT it was NOTHING compared to the surge I got when a man walked into our apartment late one night while my wife and I were sitting on the sofa.

We were sitting there and then I thought I heard something, I wasn't sure until I saw our cat looking in the direction of the door. I thought it was no big deal and made my way around the coffee table to the front door. That's when I noticed a guy standing like 3 feet inside our doorway.

At that point I felt a surge like I've never known before. I screamed 'No! Get the hell out of our house!" and started making my way towards him. At this point my wife stood up and started yelling, I took my left arm and put her behind me. The man seemed shocked that I was coming at him and put his hands out in front of him and started backing up. With me still coming at him he backed himself out of the door, at this point I locked the door and called the police. And that was it.

I got the 'tunnel vision' and in my mind (when I was yelling at him) I found myself thinking "Is that my voice?" It sounded like I was Barry white yelling into a tunnel.... Also, I felt as if I was moving in slow motion while I was moving towards him, even though my wife said it all happened very quickly.

I've wondered ever since, how the heck can you train for that surge?

I don't know if this helped, but I just thought I would share...

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