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Re: Question about omote and ura...

Duval Culpepper wrote:
Hey there, I'm taking my 5th kyu test on the 8th and I had a question about omote and ura...

For shomenuchi ikkyo omote, is that the technique where you step straight through? And ura is with the tenkan?

And for katekori shionage omote, is that the kaiten move (front foot becomes the back?) and ura is where you tenkan?

Ah...writing this I think I answered my own question, ura is usually with a tenkan?

Thanks a lot.
First, good luck for your test
Jun answered your question, but I've another... aren't that techniques/concepts the basis for the 6th?
I'm not even 6th yet (will test next month), but concepts as tenkan, ura, omote, kaiten, irimi, yoko/shomenuchi, katatetori and ai/gyaku stance (the quality of the execution is another story ) are pretty clear after 2-3 months of practice.

Just curious, how long have you trained to reach 5th?

Again, good luck for the test


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