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Re: Starting a new kids program

Hi Kenny,

I have 14 students in my kids class ranging from 7 - 14 years old. I don't worry about the sincerety of the attacks at this age, I am more concerned with movement, ukemi and fun. SInce they are all at different stages of development, attention spans etc. it is very dificult to get them to be sincere until they are confident in the other aspects. I am teaching our full syllabus minus joint techniques, but focus on ikkyo (as it will naturally lead to nikkyo, sankyo, yonkyo etc. later on), kokyu nages for mae ukemi, tenchi nage for ushiro ukemi and movement (irimi, taisabaki, shihogiri, hapopgiri etc.). I tend to mix the attacks to simplify teaching (but don't limit them), i.e. ikkyo is most often taught from shomen uchi, tenchinage is most often taught from gyaku hanmi katatedori, as is kokyu nage etc.

I'm primarily trying to develop their basic movement more than their effectiveness in the techniques, the effectiveness will come as their movement improves.



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