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giriasis wrote:

Punching and blocking like it is found in karate is about stopping force not blending with it.

So the better question would be, "Should karateka blend more and punch less?" Why do you punch so much when you can blend? Because that is not what karate is about, perhaps?

Anne Marie
Hi Anne Marie,

First of all there are "hard" and "soft" blocks in karate, but that's not the issue here.

Karatekas should definitely do more blending - we all should.

Here's a sensible statement: "when appropriate, I'll punch at my opponent/partner in order to set them up for the next move (whatever that might be). However, also when appropriate, I'll strike with a decisive blow if I see an opening" (and I'm not talking about hurting a training partner).

That statement covers both the so called "soft" and "hard" atemi. But people tend to defend one or the other (I think the opinions are based on whether they're good at atemi or not, because there seems to be equally strong opinions on both sides).


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