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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

John Boswell wrote:
"if someone had me on the ground, I would instinctively get first on to my knees. "Duh! That's suwari waza!"
Hi John, from my experience, with most take downs and throws you end up on your side or back. it's not very easy to get to your knees because the thrower follows you down and tries to get a superior position quite fast. Learning how to bridge (judo term) and move on the ground would be well worth the time, but once caught, if your not skilled on the ground, you will probably get hurt choked or locked.

Kevin Leavitt:
Are you stationed in Hohenfels, Germany now?
I used to be in 4-67 armor in Friedberg 3AD.
I've been to Hohenfels a few times. And Grafenwoher a lot.
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