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Re: purchasing a katana

Rick, the US$10,000 for a Japanese shinken seems to be in the ballpark. You may be able to get a traditionally made Japanese sword for less from other sources, but they're certainly not going to be at the same price level as the manufactured swords from China or the Philippines. The US$10,000 buys you a "passable" shinken; if you want to get your hands on a shinken from a well-regarded Japanese smith, I think you should be prepared to shell out enough money to buy a least a BMW 5-series. I'd go for the car myself...

If you're going to eventually spend a few to several thousand dollars for a Japanese-style sword, you might as well look at some North American bladesmiths. Here's one in Pennsylvania:

I've never dealt with him, but his website states that he also practices aikido and Japanese swordsmanship, FWIW. There are other smiths, but since Dave Goldberg is in your state...
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