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Re: How is aikido related to your spiritual path?

As a slightly out-of-practice pagan (eclectic, mostly solitary Wiccan) I find any practice that embraces the concept of ki (chi, prana, whatever) and teaches how to reach and use ki, to be a good thing.

Just to toss an idea at people to play with: prayer as an extension of ki.

I'm also enjoying the connection to Buddhist concepts -- universal concepts, really -- of compassion, harmony, and blending with the energy that comes your way.

For some reason, I keep wanting to say "namaste" instead of bowing in at the beginning of class. It's a term used often in yoga, that refers to a person's center. More specifically, it conveys a sense of the center that touches the infinite -- when you're at that place in you and I am at that place in me, we are one person.

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