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Re: purchasing a katana

I've been looking around for a while now, I've followed the advice given to me here, and i've asked a few others in my community. I was directed to a website ( I'm just curious if anyone here has heard of them or knows anyone who has. I'll quote from their site:

We can accept order of new "real Japanese sword", but it's takes for more than 6th month to make new real Japanese sword.
And it's price is more than 1,000,000yen at current exchange, which is roughly 9,450.00 U.S.dollar.
. If you want "real Japanese sword", Please contact us by mail.
So we arrange that requesting for Japaneses Experts of Sword, getting authorization for the Ministry,and Shipping delivery.

Now...$10,000 is a bit more than i wanted to this is right out for me, but it is a nice goal to shoot for if its authentic. Something inside me is screaming fraud...let me know if you all know anything about this.
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