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I'm pretty sure that I've offended my uke once before, although it was unintentional. I was practicing with a partner who was at the same grade as me, and we were just starting a new technique. She seemed to be having trouble remembering how the technique began, so I casually mentioned that I thought it started with a tenshin movement. She snapped back at me that she knew that and started the technique. I apologized and said that I hadn't intended to make her mad, and we went on practicing. Funny thing is, normally I really never try to verbally coach my partners about the techniques. That taught me a lesson: just shut my mouth and keep training!

One the other side of that, I have been offended by my uke. Last Sat. in class I practiced with one guy who I have now decided that I will never bow in with again. I'm just plain tired of his arrogant, condescending manner, time and time again. At the end of class, even the instructor came over to me and told me he clapped for everyone to switch partners early to get him away from me. I know this is a little bit off topic, but has anyone else had to do this before?

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