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Re: Which Dogi?

Nick P. wrote:
Y'know, it's funny; when standing, the patches are just where they should be, covering my knees perfectly.
Drop to seiza, and the whole patch rides up so that it is covering the lower half of my thigh nicely, and the bottom 1/4 of the patch just covers my knee, and the seem lines up perfectly with where I pivot.
This is true of all the gi pants I ever bought.
What I did (back when I did suwariwaza) was customize my gi pants by first using pins to identify a big rectangle where I *actually* landed on my knees and where I pivoted on them. Then I cut out and sewed a couple of layers of pellon fleece (an interfacing available at fabric stores) to a layer of plain cotton, like a big thick patch--ended up being like 9" by 10"--and machine quilting the whole thing to the inside of each pants leg.
No more bruised knees, no more worn knees, and it felt like pivoting on potholders--very cool!

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