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Re: Poll: Should an aikido instructor date a student of theirs?

Hey Daniel - good point. I would say though that power has many connotations. It doesn't have to be overtly authoritarian. But if you are the person in a position of leadership that is also a position of power. So in that case you would have people looking to you for guidance. As stated in another thread, you may never know the full mentality or maturity of people in the dojo. Some come looking for pie in the sky and anyone who is in a position of leadership may fit the bill. It is easy to take advantage of that situation although the instructor him or herself may not fully be aware. It is totally plausible that the instructor may think the other half is capable of making a rational decision but in fact the other half may be infatuated by the instructor's position. The instructor has to be the mature one at all times.
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