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Eek! Secret of Aikido Revealed in a Dream

Aikido was effortless. In the randori the timing, distance and execution of technique was perfect and beautiful and flowing. The secret was now revealed and the feeling of satori was overpowering and joyful.

Then I woke up. The harder I tried to remember The Dream the quicker it melted away from memory. Some of the feeling was there, but now along with the sad feeling of loss.

So I swore to myself that, should I ever have The Dream again, to wake myself and record everything in my notebook.

Last night The Dream returned; it was a fun, it was revelatory. I woke up grinning and wrote it all down and went back to sleep satisfied.

Today as I sat up in bed, it was like Christmas morning, knowing the great present I possessed. I grabbed my notebook. It said:

people are different
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