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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

I train Army Combatives once in a while with my unit. For those of you who do not know the U.S. Army is basically using BJJ as its base now. So we almost always start from the mount.

It is interesting to say the least. Not enough room, time, or interest to discuss at length....but you have to be careful not to fall into the BJJ vs. Aiki trap. I fall for it all the time.

I have discussed a little with the guy that basically founded the Army's system, which I am critical of because it assumes one opponent and you are on the ground. Not a great place for a soldier to be in since many hand2hand involve multiple opponent. I think aikido type stuff works best since it's premise is multiple opponent stay moving and active. He had a reason for doing it and it makes sense to me after discussing it with him. (won't go into it here).

You really cannot use aikido against BJJ, or for that matter anyother use what works for the situation. In a "army" training situation I work within the constraints of their rules. In aikido in the constraints of their rules. It is hard to apply "technique" in any given situation and say it is aiki or BJJ or karate...whatever.

Experience matters and the more you have the better off you are.

To answer the question. IMO you avoid the mount if you want to stay alive. That is if your situation and premise is dealing with life and death fighting that may involve multiple opponents. So if you have a gun you may use that. A chair if you have that. A stick, a kick, whatever.

No one stops a fight and says "wow" great that Aikido?
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