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Have you ever offended your uke? I have, but believe me when I say, it was an accident. I am a 3rd kyu, training now for three years. I have always tried to humble myself every time I enter the dojo. I look to my aiki training to help me find peace and balance. I fought full contact for years and wanted to get away from that "FIGHT" mentality. I am also a former bodybuilder and still weight train daily, so I am constantly working to over come my own strength and perfect my technique instead. I have always tried to train at the level of my partner, whether they be 5th kyu or Shodan. And with many Shodan, training can be very intense, I really love that type of training, it allows me to get the contact I have always enjoyed. Well one evening at class I sat down to do seated kokyu ho with my partner. He and I had only trained together once or twice in the past. I took his hands and he turned himself in a manner which put him off balance, in the past, with other senior students, if this occured. The off balance person would get a nudge and fall, usually it was me getting nudged. I nudged my Nage, they fell and rolled back popping me in the mouth with his foot. Nage sternly corrected me, I bowed and apologized for offending them. We finished class and they shook my hand and apologized. As I drove home that night, I felt horrible, I truly did not mean to offend this person. But to this date, if we are seated next to each other, they will always turn and train with someone else. I have tried to make conversation, small talk, they are not interested. I have always trained my heart out since the day I walked in the dojo and will never apologie for going 150%. But I don't like the thought of being the jerk in class...any advice, this truly was my fault, but innocent in it's intentions.

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