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Re: How is aikido related to your spiritual path?

I'd have to say that, like Anders, Aikido led me back to where I started, in my case to Christianity. Shortly after I earned by Shodan, I spent an entire summer doing nothing but working, training and meditating, and it was a fantastically powerful time for me. I had a really unpleasant job that paid very little money with strange hours and I found myself with six to ten spare hours a day, and so around Aikido class, I began volunteering at the Salvation Army shelter in my town. Soon, I was able to connect (or maybe expand) what was happening in the dojo to how I was behaving at work and my attitudes toward people at the Salvation Army. I began thinking about Aikido and other heavier spiritual and philosophical questions, and to try to wrap up what could be a long post, led me back to Christianity.

I'd never heard the quote that Aikido makes religion better, but I like it.

Thanks for all the info on this thread. Very interesting.
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