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Smile Re: CTS and some general questions

mrmookid wrote:
One of my biggest problems is my memory and lack of coordination. I always seem to mix up which foot goes forward, which side to get up from after a fall. When my Sensei performs the moves in front of class I try hard to pay careful attention. By the time it's my turn to perform I forget the entire thing.
Heck, after 8 yrs I still have classes like that!
Consider that aikido is a language. There are phonemes, words, sentences, paragraphs, poems and essays, and there are structural rules (syntax, grammar) that interrelate them.
As a beginner in a new language, not only don't you know the rules, you may not even know what represents a phoneme vs. a sentence, what is structural and what isn't, AND you are trying to figure this out both with eye/brain and with muscles--no wonder we get confused!
Be patient with yourself, don't stress about memorizing stuff, take each technique and each class as it comes.
And you always have the fallback line "Oh, you mean my OTHER left foot!"

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